hypnosis for sleeping

Sleep is as important as breathing and eating. While you sleep the mind and body are cleansing, clearing, repairing, and replenishing you so that you can function optimally. Prioritize sleep and discover how much more effective and creative you can be. Sleep well, feel good, be good!

Insomnia affects the mind and body!

Insomnia is the habit of not falling asleep or staying asleep.

Poor sleep night after night can turn into year after year and wreak havoc on the body. The consequences can be devastating - immune system failure, diabetes, cancer, obesity, loss of concentration, memory, and depression. Knowing this and still not be able to master sleep is disheartening. Perhaps especially in New York City!

So many of us attribute insomnia to specific events that keep us awake – too much tea, coffee, stimulants, electronics just prior to sleep – or hunger, noise, temperature whether too hot or cold. Just believing these thoughts alone can make them real – creating insomnia. The excitement of an upcoming event can cause occasional insomnia but will usually cease when the event is over. Most insomnia is created by an overactive mind that is trying to deal with present day problems, tensions anxieties and pains.

Sleeping is a habit. Good sleep is essential for performance in every aspect, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Does hypnosis for sleep work!

Insomnia is one of the most successful of all hypnotic therapies, especially when it comes to an overactive mind. The subconscious mind has a memory for good sleep and with hypnosis and imagery we reset your internal clock. Creating your own positive calming routine before bed is beneficial as opposed to placing your attention on what not to do. Deep sleep and hypnosis are synonymous. All Joan’s clients, whether they initially come in for sleep issues or not, experience a remarkable difference in their sleeping patterns after the first session: including a more thorough, more rested sleep; better recall of morning dreams [emotional venting], more aware of their daily actions and reactions, and an overall better sense of well-being.

Hypnosis for sleep in nyc

The hypnotic experience automatically reconnects the client with a deeper level of relaxation and a more profound sleep. In addition, clients learn how to interpret the symbolism of their own dreams; learn self-hypnosis to reinforce the new sleep patterns. Those clients with deeper physical issues that keep them from easy sleep can experience the same great sleep after these physical issues are resolved. Joan also offers hypnosis for anxiety, hypnosis to quit smoking, and hypnosis for weight loss in New York City NYC and Jackson Hole, WY.