“The future holds the scientific and spiritual dream that whatever you can imagine in your mind’s eye and hold on to with passion and belief, will eventually appear in your physical reality. Today we are in a new era of personal growth in which the latest discoveries in brain science can merge with hypnosis. Hypnosis is seen as practical, popular, available to all, and a magnificent tool for bringing about change in almost everything, in every imaginable way.”  


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Hi, I'm Joan

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Guided Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

Let me help you re-discover the innate and magical power of your subconscious mind!

With hypnosis and imagery, I have helped a diverse clientele release their subconscious blocks to find peace and transformation, healing, and growth and most of all, the life they are meant to live.

Over the past ten years I have hypnotically journeyed with well over a thousand clients from all parts of the globe. I feel so grateful for this experience.

A subconscious block is an outdated limiting belief that inhibits healing, growth, and expansion. They block us from achieving goals and getting what we think we deserve. Beliefs are imprinted mostly under eight years old and often reinforced throughout life as truth. Beliefs run automatically, beneath awareness and control the outcome of our lives. My clients are curious about this tape/story that is running and how it may be affecting their lives negatively. Our sessions help uncover that story so we can reprogram a truer tape/story to run automatically having positive effects, attaining goals, and living with peace and purpose. 

What is a subconscious block?  

The life you have is the life your subconscious mind believes in.

A belief is a thought that stimulates the power of your subconscious mind to seek that which you believe. The subconscious is a goal seeking machine. Its job is to do what you ask it to do. Example: if you feel sad, the subconscious takes your thoughts as a command and energetically seeks more sadness. We all know what ruminating thoughts feel like and how they have great potential to linger and create havoc. If you do not want to be sad, you must change and live in the energy of confidence and happiness. This concept works positively for you by redirecting to good feeling thoughts.


BTW – a limiting belief is just a negative thought - thought over and over until it becomes a limiting belief. Beliefs are changeable.

So, how does hypnosis and guided imagery journeys work to shift my subconscious mind to better thoughts that serve me? Here’s where the magic happens. Hypnosis allows you to experience yourself in new situations feeling competent, calm, comfortable and natural.

Hypnosis works because your subconscious cannot differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined. A heartfelt imagined experience in hypnosis is as good as real to the subconscious mind. 


Let’s utilize the power of your own mind to work positively for you!

“Joan will make you feel comfortable no matter what age or background you are. Anyone and everyone can benefit from her practice. It’s more than just hypnosis, but a new and refreshing way of looking at yourself, your choices, and at life. Joan’s work is truly transformative... and I honestly can’t wait to come back!” 

“Working with Joan was incredible -- she understood immediately what I was looking to achieve, and we made significant progress in just a few sessions. All the sessions were virtual -- I still felt completely connected and was even more relaxed being in the comfort of my own home. I had lifelong fears of public speaking and after a few sessions have been able to begin presenting again with ease. Joan is an expert at what she does and explains every step of the process in detail for those who are looking to learn!”  

“After working for over three years with a conscious uncoupling group, over 5 with a highly competent Ph.D. Jungian therapist; my ability to move out of my family home without securing the perfect plan forward (albeit - I had a job) was catapulted forward by hypnotherapy. So exhausted, my first recollection of hypnotherapy was feeling a deep sense of rest after each session. Then, I started to act… taking the furnished VRBO, the rental house, the new job …. buying the home. Joan’s work moved me beyond my fears that kept me stuck. I am forever grateful!” 

"It’s like you take people’s anxiety, flip the script for them and then show them a new, beautiful realty. That rest of the night after our session I kept thinking, wow we have this power within us to live in a beautiful world, why would we choose to live in any negativity? I feel a huge shift. Thank you, Joan."


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Reach new depths of relaxation, stillness, and clarity.
Become energized and enlightened by your own hypnotic journeys.


In 2014, I opened my NYC office, in the West Village, NYC and began my journey helping others discover and achieve their goals. As of 2020, all NYC Hypnosis clients see me virtually. The results are equally as powerful.

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Since 2020, I am seeing clients both virtually and in person in my office in Jackson, Wyoming.

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Remote hypnosis is equally as intimate and powerful.
Clientele from all over the USA, Canada, London, Paris, Sidney, Dubai and more.

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