Everyone is different and there is no formula for the number of sessions needed.
No two hypnosis sessions are the same. Everyone reaches new depths of hypnotic
relaxation, stillness, and clarity. Experience hypnosis and imagery. You will feel relaxed yet focused and optimistic.

Hypnosis sessions

what to expect

what's it like to work with me?

All hypnosis sessions occur on zoom. At certain times of the year, it is possible to enjoy an in-person session in any of these locations: New York City NYC, Seattle, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Please contact me directly to discuss.

My clients have had incredible success and affirm for me daily that I am on the right path. All become more at peace with themselves, more able to rely on their own instincts, and more excited to encounter the rest of their lives.

There are a few different packages you can sign up for, but they all have a few elements in common. I understand that it can seem intimidating from the outside, but hypnosis is truly comfortable, relaxing, and easy.

Find out about hypnosis and how it can benefit you.
Not required.

introductory call

This is a free fifteen-minute phone call/consultation. 

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This is a required starting point and the conditioning for all future sessions.

This first session is impactful and goal oriented. We gain a deep understanding of your history and hopes, your struggles and your strengths too. You’ll learn how the conscious and subconscious relate to each other and why issues and troubles persist. We create a plan to achieve desired goals. After testing your suggestibility, you’ll experience hypnosis and imagery. You awaken relaxed yet focused, clear, and optimistic.

introductory session

2 hours - $295

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Introductory session is a prerequisite

Here we power up or energize your inner world, gain a deeper connection to the intuitive mind, experience your own unique symbolic imagery, and gain a better understanding of yourself and others. Goals are reinforced and imagery deepens the intentions for a desirable outcome.

single session

60 min - $250

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All sessions include a pre talk to assess progress, inductions for hypnotic depth and deepening trance. We continue to say goodbye to resistance, old habits and limiting beliefs to redirect the subconscious towards desired goals The unknown becomes familiar, and exciting, building self-belief. All sessions include direct style suggestions and symbolic imagery journeys. Sessions via Zoom from NYC or Jackson, Wyoming

future sessions

Each session is personally designed to help you move forward and see growth in your everyday life.

Choose the package that works best for you.

Introductory session is a prerequisite.

I suggest scheduling the sessions for three consecutive weeks. We make use of the Laws of Association and Repetition, powering up the subconscious. Hypnotically recognize the power of your intuitive mind connecting and experiencing your unique symbolic imagery and gaining a better understanding of self and others. Goals are reinforced and imagery deepens the intentions for a desirable outcome.  


60 min - $585

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Introductory session is a prerequisite.

Think of it as going to the gym for your mind. A day of lifting weights lights up expectation for transforming your body yet, if you don’t show up, the body stays the same. Creating a repetitive routine at the gym can only bring positive results. It is the same for your mind. One must keep up the inner work until it becomes automatic and dynamic. One builds resilience and trust that life is working for and with you. 


60 MIN SESSIONS - $1300 ($185/SESSION)

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10 pack

60 min sessions - $1750 ($175/session)

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Discover what you could never consciously imagine. Hypnotic Image journeys for personal and professional growth, and discovery are unlimited and endless. You will be pleasantly surprised by the strength and creativity of your subconscious images that will powerfully redirect the path of your life. Experience Imagery Journeys in the realms of metaphysical, mythic, archetypal, life passages and self-mastery.

 “I’ve had sessions with Joan over the last several years and within that time my life has changed considerably for the better. By “better” I mean becoming more authentically who I really am, my true self. Joan’s helped me visualize my deepest desires which have come to fruition without the struggle and heartache that I used to believe was required. It’s the exact opposite in fact, it’s with trust and ease that I’m being the person I’ve always wanted to be but believed was beyond my grasp.” 

“Working with Joan was incredible -- she understood immediately what I was looking to achieve, and we made significant progress in just a few sessions.”

“I met Joan prior to competing on a ninja warrior show. I felt completely out of space and anxious to finally compete. Seeing Joan every week prior to me stepping on the big stage was transforming and so what I needed in just-right timing. I was able to transfer a lot of the therapy work to everyday living on how I approach situations in life that get me out of whack.”

“Joan made me feel very safe from the beginning and my fears of hypnosis- of perhaps feeling out of control - went away immediately."

“Our work together has been a game-changer for me. Your insight, patience and expertise has allowed us to accomplish so much in such a short time. Professionally, you helped me stop the loop of negative thinking which had settled in, unwittingly, over the last few years. Working with more positive imagery has allowed me to commit to a new business venture and weather the ups and downs more easily. Personally, I have new relationships and deeper old relationships. When I leave our sessions, the feeling of relaxation and serenity is astonishing. I could never have anticipated the positive effects hypnosis has had on my state of being. Most of all, I am so grateful to have found a skilled practitioner like you, Joan.”  


Discover You - With me as your Guide

We all have an innate desire and drive for growth and forward movement in life. As a hypnotherapist, I create the conditions to positively influence you and your subconscious learns to expect new behavior and new outcome. Why? Because that is who we are.

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