~ Rumi

 “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Benefiting from the amazing results of hypnotherapy herself, Joan wanted to help others use their unique abilities to heal themselves.  

Intimately familiar with overcoming challenges and transitioning to new life stages, Joan chose hypnotherapy as her own second career. 

About Joan

“I spent thirty years traveling the world as a professional photographer, capturing images to communicate emotions, situations and of course, beauty to the viewer. I use this same creative skill to listen deeply to my client’s words and weave together distinctive individual sessions allowing them to see and believe in their own unique beauty and capability.”

Images move us in special ways and all our thoughts create images, which become the language of the subconscious. Photographers see things differently. They are trained to notice the details. Joan takes her clients on visual journeys in their mind. She's like the summer camp director we all had that helped us notice all the beautiful things along the hiking trail, instead of the mud and sticks and bugs.

I think what sets her apart from other hypnotherapists is that she can take both a practical and a cerebral approach. Joan taps into the visual centers of the brain and guides her clients through the flow of their thoughts. A message usually manifests from that imagery and can shift perspective right away. When people work with Joan, they see big, live changes. She gets results. I believe that Joan being a photographer prior to being a hypnotherapist, has helped her do this.


Both rely heavily on imagery and all the power and beauty of the subconscious mind.

Joan moved to NYC with a light heart, wide open to life transition. and has since guided well over one thousand clients through just about every issue imaginable.

Born in Vancouver, raised in New York, educated the first (University of Colorado) and second (HMI) time around in the West, now living between NYC and Jackson, WY, and having spent so many decades traveling globally, she is able and eager to work with people from all walks of life and corners of the globe. I’d love to help you release yourself from your past and join me on this amazing journey toward self-discovery, success and happiness.

After receiving her diploma with Honors in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) in LA in 2013,

HMI’s one-year 720-Hour Clinical Hypnotherapy Program is Accredited by ACCET and represents the most extensive hypnotherapy training available anywhere today.

Graduating in 2013- HMI Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors and a Director’s Award

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Clients with Cancer
Healing the Child Within
Emergency Hypnosis
Hypnosis in Sports
Pain Management

Past Life Regression
Advanced Spiritual Regression
Reiki Level One
Aromatherapy Level One

Intro to Therapeutic Imagery Training - Advanced Imagery - Mythic and Archetypal Imagery - Life Passages Imagery - Metaphysical Imagery - Imagery Master Certification

Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator in these realms:

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Life can and should be filled with vitality, curiosity, and an uncanny ability to maneuver through challenging times. Let me help you discover!

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