hypnosis for smoking

You know that smoking harms nearly every organ of your body and can cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking also increases your risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis. Despite this knowledge 36 million Americans currently smoke and 16 million live with smoke related diseases. If you’ve found yourself reading this page, you may be ready to explore hypnosis to quit smoking.

Why is it hard to quit smoking?

Quit Smoking – Free yourself and free your family and friends

It can be hard to quit smoking until you gain an understanding of how the mind and body work together. The mind has 2 spheres: the conscious (logical mind) wants you to quit. Yet the subconscious (feeling body) will not let you quit. When the two minds are in conflict, the subconscious always wins. No amount of logic, reason or willpower can battle a smoking habit. The issues lie deeper. Hypnosis to quit smoking can enable you to gain this greater deeper understanding and lead you towards a unique and more successful outcome.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking in NYC

The critical portion of your subconscious mind holds beliefs (incorrectly) making it impossible to quit. I will quit smoking when I am ready; I am under a lot of stress; smoking helps me relax; I am much more creative when I smoke; occasional smoking won’t hurt me; i’s my only vice: it’s too hard; I do not have the willpower; I get irresistible urges to smoke; I have tried to quit smoking; All my friends in NYC smoke.

A skilled hypnotist can communicate with your subconscious in a variety of creative ways. In this heightened state of focus and intent, the critical mind is in temporary suspension. With this focused attention, imagining, feeling, and accepting being smoke free are possible. The subconscious cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality and will accept and imbed new healthy thoughts and feelings. In your daily life you will find it easier to be smoke free until suddenly …. you are. And you may just find resolve with many other issues too.

Does hypnosis to quit smoking work?

There are many success stories out there about hypnosis for smoking. If you find yourself on the fence, please read one of my success stories here. Excerpt below:

“Once my sessions were over, I realized I had a lot of clarity regarding why I picked up cigarettes, and my susceptibility to other addictions. I realized that I already have all the things I need to survive and be happy, and that smoking was merely me reaching for an anchor when I was already on dry ground. After each session, I was calmer, and felt more restored. I smoked after my first session and my next sessions were sporadic, but the impact on my quitting was profound.”
If you live near New York City NYC and feel ready to explore hypnosis to quit smoking – Let’s, find out if this is what finally works for you! Focus your intent and commit. Hypnosis can do no harm. It can only do good.
During hypnosis the critical mind is in abeyance or temporary suspension of what it thinks it believes. The hypnotist communicates to the subconscious in so many new powerful and healthy ways – new routines, patterns and you will experience the actual feeling of being smoke free and you may come to some unexpected realizations about your life moving forward.

Joan also offers hypnosis for sleep, hypnosis for anxiety, and hypnosis for weight loss via zoom with clients in New York City NYC, and Jackson Hole, WY.